VF/W Series Universal Worm Gearbox

VF/W Series Worm Gearmotors are quality units that are great value for money.  Combining state of the art technology with a wide range of mounting flexibility, not to mention the long reliable operating life


Power: 0.04 kw – 75 kw
Torque: 3.5 Nm – 9,000 Nm
Ratios: 7:1 – 100:1 (for standard worm) 30:1 – 300:1 (for helical worm) Up to 10,000:1 (for double worm)
Versions: Foot, Flange and Shaft mounted. Input shaft or electric motor input with hollow or solid output. Torque limiter types also available.
Output: 3.5 Nm – 9,000 Nm

Key benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Low noise
  • High peak load capacity
  • Minimized mounting space
  • Long operating life
  • High reliability
  • High number of possible configurations
  • Wide output speed selection range
  • Wide output torque selection range