F Series Helical Parallel-Shaft Gearmotors & Units

For customers looking to maximise mounting flexibility, the F Series is for you.

Thanks to the lateral holes in the housing, the F Series can be side mounted directly to your application, as well as all of the traditional mounting positions.  The F Series have a high torque density and a wide range of ratios.  Compact in design, with great efficiency, reliability and low noise operation.


Power: 0.09 kw – 30 kw
Torque: 7 Nm – 12,000 Nm
Ratios: 7:1 – 320:1
Versions: Foot, flange or shaft mounted.
Solid input shaft or electric motor input.
Hollow output shaft with standard keyed bore.
Output: 25mm – 110mm

Key benefits

  • High mounting flexibility
  • Minimized mounting space
  • Robustness
  • Reduced standard backlash
  • High dynamic and energy saving solution
  • Wide output speed selection range