Sectional Flights

ETA’s sectional screw flights are Australian made.

Known as sectional flight, segmented flighting or helix, they are manufactured from a laser cut piece of flat plate and pressed into shape. Sectional flights can be made to your specifications to suit your particular application and are consistent in thickness unlike continuous flighting.

Sectional screw flights are used to convey, mix, blend, dig & anchor. Screw flights are used across many industries such as agricultural, mining, food & chemical to name a few. Popularity has increased over the past few years in the construction industry where they are used for ground anchors for foundation piers, retaining walls, underpinning and more.
ETA will be able to supply you with flights either off the shelf or custom made to suit your application.

Available in mild steel, stainless & bissalloy – sizes from 50mm diameter up to 1500mm diameter, and from 1.6mm through to 32mm thick. Ribbon flighting is available up to 3000mm diameter.

Standard Pitch – suitable for most horizontally designed conveyors

Half Pitch – recommended for either inclined or vertical conveying of free-flowing materials

 Variable Pitch – to move fine free flowing materials uniformly

Short Pitch – recommended for conveying over a 20 degree incline up to vertical

Tapered Pitch – recommended to draw friable material from hoppers & bins

Double Pitch – recommended for augers / post hole drilling or similar

 Ribbon Flight – recommended for tacky or viscid materials

Single Cut Notch – notches in the flight edging to convey with a moderate mixing action.

Standard Pitch with Paddles – for more aggressive mixing

Vane Paddle Conveyor – recommended for stirring, mixing & blending while conveying

Coned & Compressing Flights – recommended for even drawdown in full hopper situation.

Cantered Flights, De-Canters, De Watering – commonly used for the de-watering of materials in wastewater transfer.

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