Magnetic Tubes

With ETA’s range of Magnetic Tubes you can design & build your magnetic separation equipment or modify your existing equipment.
Tube magnets are fully encased in stainless steel which creates a strong magnetic field along the tube which attracts and retains ferrous material. With fully seal welded ends you have the choice of tapped or untapped ends for ease of mounting.

Tube magnets are available in rare earth 11,000, 10,000 & 6000 gauss or ferrite ceramic. Standard size 25mm (1”) in 304 or 316 stainless steel. Other sizes are possible so talk to ETA about your requirements.


The following sizes are available in stock ex works in Rare Earth Tubes
11,000 gauss 316SS with M8 tapped holes in both ends:

  • 100mm long x 25mm diameter
  • 150mm long x 25mm diameter
  • 200mm long x 25mm diameter
  • 250mm long x 25mm diameter
  • 300mm long x 25mm diameter
  • 400mm long x 25mm diameter

* Teardrop shape profile for fine powders is also available.