Industrial Vibrators & Flow Aids to keep your product moving

Our impressive array of Vibrators and Flow Aid Devices, provide cost effective guaranteed solutions for any industry. Experience has shown there is no easy fix solution, likewise there is no one product to solve material flow problems.

Electric Vibrators

Electric vibrators are also known as External Electric Vibrators. These vibrators come in 2,4,6 and 8 pole. They also can come in single phase, 3 phase, 12V and 24V, power supply. Electric Vibrators are usually used in the construction industry.

Pneumatic Vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators are also known as Pneumatic Roller Vibrators. These vibrators generate very high frequency with low air consumption. These vibrators are usually used for bins and hoppers, compacting, food and pharmaceutical industries, and screens.

Single phase vibrators

Single phase vibrators are also known as external electric micro-vibrators. These vibrators have been designed to solve a variety of problems with in, feeding, separation, compaction, screening in the chemical, food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Cougar Industries
Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, DC Truck and Rotary Air Vibrators.

Cleveland Vibrators Co
Pneumatic vibrators, Linear Piston and Rotary Type Ball.

Myrien Inc
The unique Airsweep systems and turbine vibrators.

Salina Vortex
Custom built slide gates and diverter valves

Air Cannons
Seven models to solve the most difficult flow problems.


Oli Electric Vibrators

2,4,6,8 pole
1ph, 3ph, 12v & 24v

Oli Pneumatic Vibrators

Oli Single Phase Vibrator

Oli Single Phase Vibrator

Visam Vibratory Motors

Visam Vibratory Motors

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 pole Motors, high frequency, single and three phase.

Cougar Industries

Cougar Industries

Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, DC Truck and Rotary Air Vibrators.

Oli Single Phase Vibrator

Cleveland Vibrator Co.

Pneumatic vibrators, Linear Piston and Rotary type Ball.

Myrien Inc.

The unique Airsweep Systems and Turbine Vibrators.

Salina Vortex

Custom built Slide Gates and Diverter Valves.

Enmin Air Cannons

Seven models to solve the most difficult flow problems.

Vibratory Equipment

Our fabricated products division offers a dedicated range of specialised vibratory equipment that is used in numerous industries where products need to be conveyed, metered, compacted, screened or separated.

Electromagnetic Feeders

Electromagnetic feeders are used to feed raw materials or finished products through mixers, furnaces, production processes or final containers. These feeders come in four drive sizes and in a range of standard trays and controllers or custom. These electromagnetic feeders are ideally used for foundries, or the chemical, food, metal or paper industries.

Electro-mechanical screeners

Electro-mechanical screeners can be used for a number of different applications, where a product needs to be de-lumped, sized or simply for the removal of fines or reject material. These screeners come in single or double deck and also stainless or mild steel construction material. Screeners are usually used in the food industry when it comes to screening bulk materials like powders, plastic pellets, aggregate, or scrap metals.

Electro-mechanical feeders

Electro-mechanical feeders are used to control feed of bulk materials, parts or scraps from bins, hoppers or conveyors, into the production or melt down processes. These feeders are Australian built and designed.

Vibratory tube conveyors

Vibratory tube conveyors are designed to provide an ideal method of conveying bulk materials that tend to dust. These tube conveyors can convey products up to 7 metres. They are designed to be dust and contamination free, and no product degradation and provide complete enclosure.

Vibratory Tables

Vibratory tables are for bag fattening, consolidation of product or settling of moulds. Vibratory tables are commonly used for concrete compaction, filling stations and general settling of products. These tables are commonly used to overcome the problems associated with product compaction in bulk storage bins.

Hopper Feeders

Hopper feeders are extremely useful in stances where a static hopper may cause problems due to blockages to product flow. These hoppers are contrasted in stainless steel to meet the strict requirements of the food industry. These hopper feeders are usually used when handling frozen fish, bulk confectionary, plastic and metal parts, dried fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Electromagnetic Feeders

Four drive sizes, a range of standard trays and controllers or custom design.

Electro-Mechanical Screeners

Single and double deck, stainless or mild steel construction.

Electro-Mechanical Feeders

Australian built and designed, extensively used, base mounted or suspended, high capacity.

Vibratory Tube Conveyors

Conveying product up to 7 meters, dust and contamination free, no product degradation.

Vibratory Tables

Compaction tables for bag flattening, consolidation of product or settling of moulds.

Hopper Feeders

Metering of product, cost effective storage and feeding.