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Electric Motors

ETA for Quality AC Motors

Engineering Transmission Agencies is an Australian Family operated company. It is a leading marketer of power transmission products and industrial electric motors. The company was created on a premise that a motor with less electricity is better.

What we believe in AC motors

With AC motors, we believe that there are four areas that equally contribute (time, service, quality and cost). We offer value for the products or services we give to our customers, so it’s worth their money. We provide an exceptional service by meeting or exceeding specific requirements. We cut down the costs by giving a quality product that is far beyond the price.

Lastly, we decrease the time and effort by offering you nothing else but the best.

Product Overview

Clutch Brake Units

Our electromagnetic clutch brake units are easy to set up and install.

Our available frame sizes are from 63 up to 132. All units are designed to keep the electric motor running and prevent continuous stop/starts.
Electric Motors

Totally enclosed Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Units:
Compact sizes, IP54 Enclosure

These units avoid continuous starts and stops of the electric motor.

Available in Frame sizes 63 – 132

Mechanical Speed Variators

We offer reliable and high performance Variators that optimizes the operation to extend the core parts’ life span, and allows it to run smoother and cooler. Our Variators will reduce to 1000rpm from 4 pole motor, and has a 6.5:1 speed variation. Also, it provides an infinitely variable speed range.
Electric Motors

Mechanical Speed Variators These Variators have an in-built reduction to reduce a 4 pole motor to 1000rpm.

A speed variation of 6.5:1 then provides an infinitely variable speed range.

Torque Limiters

Our objective is to provide our customers a protection against overload conditions. When overload happens, our torque limiter serves as an overload mechanical protection device to separate the load from the drive using sprockets.
Electric Motors

The torque limiter acts as an overload protection in machine drives using sprockets, toothed pulleys and V-belt pulleys.

These devices are extremly simple to use and offer complete operating security.

Quality Policy
With Engineering Transmission Agencies, we strongly value Customer Satisfaction. We aim to provide all our customers the excellent service they should have. We make sure that each team member is responsible to meet and exceed all our client’s needs. Our objective is to deliver a hassle free service to keep you moving. Engineering Transmission Agencies is the original Bonfiglioli Distributor for Queensland.

Our after sales service

When it comes to our after sales service, Engineering Transmission Agencies is 100% committed. All AC motors that we sell are backed-up by our skills, knowledge and expertise.

For many years, Engineering Transmission Agenices has dealt with industrial clutch brake units, mechanical speed Variators and torque limiters. We have a wide experience, knowledge and expertise in fulfilling your industrial requirements. We provide you excellent workmanship to assure cost efficiency, simplicity and accuracy of commissioning, to be able to maintain good quality of service. Lastly, we always do the job right the first time.

If you are in need of AC motors, ETA is the solution.

For questions, please fill up the form on the Contact Us page and submit your enquiries.
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A Large Range Of Motors Available:
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