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Chain Conveyor & Elevator Equipment

ETA: Best Chain and Conveyor and Elevator system solutions worldwide

With years of experience, Engineering Transmission Agencies is a globally respected flourishing company for delivering reliable materials and well-engineered handling solutions. ETA dramatically anticipates and adapts to the changing needs of the industry. The company has developed products designed for handling sector that supply Chain and Conveyors, Elevators and Screw Conveyors and their complete system. All equipments are well-designed to meet the quality requirements. Moreover, ETA develops this business to further complement its bulk handling capabilities.

Tried and tested chain and conveyor

ETA provides a wide range of chain and conveyor systems which are designed to increase efficiency in handling materials. Basically, a screw conveyor helps the loose materials (coals and grains) to move from one place to another. Our worm box screw conveyor is suitable for different purposes in the processing industry. Our screw conveyor is made up of quality materials to ensure that all types of work can be carried out effectively.

Operated by Hydraulic and Electric motors, ETA provides a Planetary box for a range of industrial applications. Our gear box is made of special alloy steel that is tempered and hardened. Other features include: accurate positioning to provide the best load sharing experience, finest quality bearings for output and input shafts, and highly efficient equipment that lessens the noise level and no leakages of oil. We provide customers with cost effective, high quality, power saving and long lasting performance gear boxes.

Finest quality Modular conveyors

ETA offers a wide range of modular conveyors, such as Belt over Skid Plates or Belt Over Roller. Our belt widths are 350mm, 450mm and 600mm. The lengths are from 4m – 13m. For alternative belt power and speeds, we offer geared Motor Drive. Our modular conveyors are lightweight to reconfigure easily. They are also externally or internally eco-friendly mounted to become energy efficient. Lastly, they are easy to maintain, as neither oil nor lubricant is required.

ETA has also developed the finest quality elevator technology to carry out an efficient material, handling either vertically or on inclined plane. Our goal is to eliminate the horizontal material handling restrictions. Our Elevators come in a standard range of sizes, which offers versatility to meet specific requirement. Our elevators are not just simple conveyors. Absolutely, there’s no scraping or dragging of the material involved.

Other Available Equipment:

  • Plain and Motorized Pulleys
  • Conveyor Idlers
  • Elevator Buckets (Polythylene, Nylon and Steel)
  • Self-cleaning Tail Pulleys (Spiral or Wing Type)
  • Brakes
  • Anti-Run Back Units
  • Belt Cleaners

Benefits of Choosing Us:

  • We can help out with the design.
  • We are experienced and skilled in all forms of chain conveying and elevator equipment.
  • Our conveyors and elevators can be transported to different levels without trouble.
  • We are composed of a group of technical and engineering professionals.
  • We provide only the finest quality designed products.

What sets us apart from other companies is our ability to seek and understand our client’s requirements, and exceed their expectations.

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Available Equipment

  • Conveyor Idlers
  • Motorized and Plain Pulleys
  • Elevator Buckets : Available in Steel, Polythylene and Nylon
  • Self-cleaning Tail Pulleys : Wing or Spiral Type
  • Anti-Run Back Units
  • Brakes
  • Belt Cleaners
Available Equipment Available Equipment Available Equipment Available Equipment Available Equipment