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Bonfiglioli Reducers
Bonfiglioli Reducers are a mainstay of our business. Engineering Transmission Agencies are Queensland distributors of Bonfiglioli products and have been selling and maintaining them since 1988. We have more experience than anyone else with these superior products.

Below is a sample of the extensive range of BONFIGLIOLI reduction gearbox products we have. Please contact Engineering Transmission Agencies knowledgeable staff to obtain help and advice on gearbox selection.

Most of the gearboxes below we can supply same day


“VF / W Series” – Universal Worm-Gearmotors.

A smart design enhanced by latest materials technology & advanced manufacturing.

Power: 0.04 kw – 75 kw
Torque: 3.5 Nm – 9,000 Nm
Ratios: 7:1 – 100:1 (for standard worm)30:1 – 300:1 (for helical worm)Up to 10,000:1 (for double worm)
Versions: Foot, Flange and Shaft mounted. Input shaft or electric motor input with hollow or solid output. Torque limiter types also available.
Output: 3.5 Nm – 9,000 Nm


“C” Series In-Line Helical.

When customers benefit from the know-how developed over the years.

Power: 0.16 kw – 213 kw
Torque: 37 Nm – 12,000 Nm
Ratios: 2.8:1 – 1481:1
Versions: Foot, Flange and Universal mount. Solid output shaft only.
Output: 20mm – 100mm


“TA” Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers.

The sturdy and weather resistant product for the material handling industry.

Power: 1.6 kw – 227 kw
Torque: 137 Nm – 15,000 Nm
Ratios: 5:1 – 30:1
Versions: Solid Input Shaft. Hollow Output Shaft with standard key. Motor supports and are available.
Output: 35mm – 135mm Hollow


“F” Series Shaft Mounted Gearmotors.

Ruggedness and effectiveness to the state-of-the-art.

Power: 0.09 kw – 30 kw
Torque: 7 Nm – 12,000 Nm
Ratios: 7:1 – 320:1
Versions: Foot, flange or shaft mounted. Solid input shaft or electric motor input. Hollow output shaft with standard keyed bore.
Output: 25mm – 110mm


“A” Series Bevel-Helical.

When efficiency and versatility meet each other.

Power: 0.22 kw – 150 kw
Torque: 73 Nm – 30,000 Nm
Ratios: 5.5:1 – 400:1
Versions: Foot, flange or shaft mounted. Solid input shaft or electric motor input. Hollow output shaft with standard key. Solid output with single or double output shaft.
Output: 30mm – 100mm


“HDP” Series Parallel Shaft Gear Unit.

The new benchmark in the parallel shaft category.

Power: 1.4 kw – 359 kw Torque: 800 Nm – 40,000 Nm Ratios: 7:1 – 500:1 Versions: Foot mounted or shaft mounted. Input: Solid or electric motor. Output: Hollow output with standard keyed and shrink disc fitment. Solid shaft with single or double output. Output: 45mm – 130mm


“300” Series Trasmital – Planetary Drives.

The powerful solution to all heavy duty drive problems.

Power: 6 kw – 540 kw
Torque: 1,000 Nm – 450,000 Nm
Ratios: 7:1 – Over 5,000:1
Versions: Foot, Flange and shaft mounted. Solid, Hydraulic and electric motor input. Solid output shaft, hollow output shaft and splined output. In-line and right angle configuration.
Output: 38mm – 340mm


“RAN” Series – Right-angle Bevel Gears

The handy drive when it comes to angled transmissions.

Power: 0.15 kw – 91 kw
Torque: 2 Nm – 600 Nm
Ratios: 1:1 – 7.7:1
Versions: Solid input and with single or double output shafts.
Output: 8mm – 48mm


“VF-EP / W-EP” Series

Universal Worm-Gearmotors for hostile environments.


“HDO Series” – Bevel Helical Speed reducer

The heavy-duty product that matches performance & versatility with compactness.


“S Series” – Single reduction helical Gearmotors

Simplicity above all.