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At ETA, we carry a large range of different magnets, all shapes and sizes. Each magnet can be used in a number of food processing, farming or food industries for different engineering purposes.

Plate magnets can be easily installed into enclosed flow lines to help remove ferrous fines and large pieces of tramp iron. They are primarily designed for use in ducts, chutes and different types of enclosed flow lines. These plate magnets are able to be installed above the conveyor lines or under the conveyor discharge. Plate magnet pole face, are intended for use by low-flow applications. Plate magnet flat face, are recommended for use by low-density product flows, inverted installations or applications that are kept sanitary.

Suspended magnets produce the most effective removal for unwanted tramp iron in heavy burden depths of material that is being conveyed on fast-moving conveyor belts. These suspended magnets are placed above open conveyors, which help snap up ferrous objects and fines, that are found in grains, feedstuff, raw and processed food products, dry products or any other particulates. Suspended magnets are built and used for extremely rugged environments.

Suspension magnets are designed for extraction of occasional tramp iron that comes from a product stream being conveyed by conveyor belts or vibratory feeders. These very large suspended plate magnets are placed above open conveyors, with sling chains. By placing above open conveyors, the magnet face will be at the correct angle for optimum extraction.

Grate magnets are simple, economical magnetic separators which are suitable for installation in hoppers, chutes, bins and housings. These are designed to suit requirements like, removing unwanted ferrous material from dry particle products, liquids or slurries. Magnet grates are built to comply with low-abrasion applications.

Tube magnets consist of magnets that are fully compressed within stainless steel tubing, which creates a strong magnetic field along the side of the tube, to help attract and retain ferrous material. These magnets help remove unwanted ferrous material and pollution from dry particles products, liquids or slurries.

Magnetic sweepers are designed to help remove nuisance and potential dangerous tramp metal from roads, car parks and any hard surfaces. These magnets are usually used for forklifts and truck mounting, for areas such as, roads, parking areas, tarmac, large workshop areas and construction sites.

Rare earth pot magnets are the highest strength magnet, based on their small size. These magnets are suitable for very high strength holding applications, such as where a very strong surface holding magnet is required.

Ferrite pot magnets are used where very strong surface holding magnets are required. There are two types of ferrite pot magnets with, pressed casing or machined casings. Pot magnets with pressed casings are suitable for general purpose holding applications and are very economical. Pot magnets with machined casings are suitable for heavy duty and general purpose holding applications.

Magnetic pulleys are used for continuously separating ferrous pollutants from product flow, at the point of release of flow. The magnetic field ensures that the tramp metal is heal and separated from the product as it flows from the end of the conveyor. These magnets can be used stand alone, or in combination with a Magnetic take-off rail.