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Variable Speed Drives
Engineering Transmission Agencies is able to supply a wide variety of variable speed drives. These units have revolutionized industry, they are easy to use and very economical and in most cases have replaced mechanical variators and utilize a standard 3 phase off the shelf motor, often already existing on your machinery.

Variable speed drives are intended for speed control in a wide variety of applications from a simple domestic application to almost every industrial application such as conveyors, stirrers, pumps, fans, mixers to name just a few.

Our variable speed drives offer state-of-the-art technology in motor control with modern design & a great number of features with easy installation and operation. These units are continually sensing motor current, power supply and your machine condition depending on how it’s set up.

The modern variable speed drive allows you to control the speed to standard 3 phase dual voltage motors of any brand to suit your application.

These units are normally supplied in an IP20 or IP30 enclosure or can be supplied in an IP66 enclosure for outdoor / wash-down applications. Controls are generally on the front of the unit but are very often fitted with a remote switch and a manual speed control potentiometer. Control via sensors & Programmable Logic Control is also available as standard.

Variable Speed Drives are available from stock in two main types:

  • (A) to suit a 240 volt single phase supply
  • (B) to suit a 415 volt 3 phase supply
The same standard 3 phase motor is used for both applications as most motors available now are dual voltage- i.e. can be connected in star or delta to suit either the 415 3 phase output or the 240 volt 3 phase output from the variable speed drive depending on which unit you choose. For most industrial applications the 415 volt unit would be used if this power was available on site.

The 240 volt single phase unit is just ideal for applications like fruit packing , yard conveyors, printing machines to name a few, the convenience of just running a single phase lead from a standard 240 volt power point makes your machine very mobile and versatile.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements, we’ll certainly be able to provide the right unit for your application.

AGILE – Smart Sensorless Frequency Inverter
Agile Power range (AGL402)
0.25 – 11 kW / three-phase 320 V … 530 V / 50 – 60 Hz (± 10%)

Power range (AGL202)
0.12 – 3 kW / single-phase 200 V … 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz (± 10%)
0.25 – 7.5 kW / three-phase 200 V … 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz (± 10%)

Motor compatibility
Two types of motor:
Asynchronous AC motors
Permanent magnet synchronous (brushless) motors

Type of control
Selectable control function:
V/f control for asynchronous motors
Sensor-less vector control for asynchronous motors
Sensor-less vector control for brushless motors

Degree of protection
IP20 (EN 60529) Agile Main hardware features
Power supply from common DC bus
Integrated braking module
Short circuit / ground fault protection
Integrated Safe Torque Off safety system
Plug-in and programmable control terminals
6 digital inputs, 2 multifunctional A/D inputs
1 multifunctional I/O, 1 digital output
1 multifunctional A/D/pulse output, 1 relay output (alarm)
available power outputs: +24 V DC, +10 V DC
optional separate 24 V DC electronic power supply
standard serial interfaces: RS-232, RS485, Systembus
Integrated Modbus

Optional expansion modules
Resource Pack memory card

Optional communication modules
Profibus-DPV1, CANopen, RS232, RS485, DeviceNet, EtherCAT®, ProfiNet, Ethernet VA BUS TCP (*), Modbus TCP (*), EtherNet IP
(*) optional 2 ports

PC software
VPlus suite
Main software features
Permanent motor tuning
Selective Multi-Motor Control (SMMC)
Energy saving function
Ready to use application masks
Integrated maintenance wizard
Alarm history
Motor and inverter state memory
Integrated PLC function with graphic development environment
Integrated oscilloscope function
Customisable units of measurement