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Engineering Transmission Agencies stocks and supplies a range of BS and ASA high quality steel sprockets. Complete with induction hardened teeth, thus improving the sprocket’s resistance to wear and increasing the sprocket working life. Here at ETA we carry and supply a vast range of sprockets for different types of chains for various applications. Including standard roller chain, Heavy duty roller chains, Agricultural chain, Stainless steel sprockets, Food grade chain sprockets, sprockets for Drag chain, attachment chains sprockets, Plastic conveyor chain and sprockets. ETA also supplies Sprockets Made to order for special applications, with the minimum lead time. We have Simplex, Duplex and Triplex chain for higher tensile application, where high torque is required. With the chain we also carry Connection links and half links for different lengths. Most of our product is off the shelf and is available to you on same day or next day delivery service. At ETA we understand the costs of down time on machinery and plant during maintenance. We can supply bored and keyed sprockets, Quick change taper lock sprockets and also split sprockets to avoid the delay during the down time. ETA stocks various idlers sprockets with tension arms to remove chain slack in the transmission chain, this avoids losses in the Power drive system, hence making the drives efficient and economical during its life time. For more details contact us the friendly staff at ETA.