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Couplings & Associated Products
ETA has a vast range of couplings and associated products for a variety of applications.

Most drive systems that require motor gearboxes or pumps also have to be connected to other moving parts of the machinery or with each other. An easy method to get these parts together is with the use of a coupling.

Different applications will have different Torque and misalignments. With the use of the coupling we can connect and transmit the power and take way the misalignment of these drives and pumps.

  • Engineering Transmission Agencies coupling range can help with compensation for shaft misalignment with low restorative forces.
  • Control of angular vibration frequency.
  • Damping or interrupting.
  • Limitation of torque
  • Noise insulation
  • Electrical insulation.
For the majority of the time during maintenance, the replacement of Coupling rubbers or inserts is required as these take most of the shock load. Engineering Transmission Agencies can supply most types of elements from their stock within 1-2 days or even offer a same day service.

We supply easy to replace elements, inserts, tyres, gear sleeves and steel grids during maintenance. At Engineering Transmission Agencies we can work out the size and model of couplings you require from a little bit of information that you supply including size and speed of the motor, and both the shaft sizes is required.

Engineering Transmission Agencies can supply pilot bore, pre-bored and keyed and taper lock options for most of the standard shaft sizes for your application.

Flender range of couplings, including the following types:
Torsional Rigid Gear

Rigid All- Steel Coupling

Flexible coupling

Fluid Coupling

Coupling Range:

  •  Chain coupling
  • Cone ring coup
  • Curved jaw coupling
  • Flexible tyre coupling
  • Jaw coupling
  • Omega Coupling
  • Rigid coupling
  • Spacer coupling
  • Grid coupling.