Features of Bonfiglioli Gearbox

bonfiglioli gearbox

Bonfiglioli is an Italian company that is involved in the designing and development of innovative and extremely reliable power control and transmission solutions for different types of industries. Established in 1956, the company today has a global presence and is well-admired among discerning clients as a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality gearboxes for different applications. In fact, Bonfiglioli gearbox is … Read More

Commonly Used Equipment with Conveyor Technology

industrial conveyor belt

Conveyor technology has widespread industrial application and it focuses on the use of a belt conveyor system. This conveyor system has at least two pulleys which are joined together with a continual loop called the conveyor belt. Both pulleys are powered and this causes the belt and material loop keeps moving forward. Belt conveyor systems are of two basic types; … Read More

Why are Gear Reducers Popular in the Sector


When industrial equipment need to work at a particular speed and torque, then a gear reducer is used to provide the desired output. By putting a gear reducer coupled with the electric motor, the input speed can be reduced and the torque can be high. By using this, the output torque obtained from the motor is multiplied and the input … Read More