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Features of Bonfiglioli Gearbox

Posted: Monday, July 10, 2017 at 8:38:33 PM EST by

Bonfiglioli is an Italian company that is involved in the designing and development of innovative and extremely reliable power control and transmission solutions for different types of industries.

Established in 1956, the company today has a global presence and is well-admired among discerning clients as a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality gearboxes for different applications. In fact, Bonfiglioli gearbox is a well-known name across the automation, industrial and renewable energy sectors.

What makes Bonfiglioli Gearboxes so Reliable and Popular

Bonfiglioli planetary gearboxes are designed for use in nacelle yaw control, blade pitch control and main drive in wind generators. Gearboxes for pitch control set the blades of wind turbines at the best possible angle so that maximum energy is generated when the turbines turn.

Yaw indicates the angle by which the nacelle rotates on its vertical axis and determines the direction in which the wind turbines face the wind. Bonfiglioli gearboxes are designed for controlling the nacelle yaw so that the nacelle is aligned optimally in the direction of the wind.

Unparallel Features of Bonfiglioli Gearboxes

Although there are different types of gearboxes meant for different types of applications, there are certain common factors that make all Bonfiglioli gearboxes stand apart from competitors.

All gearboxes manufactured by Bonfiglioli boast of an extremely high torque value, robust design and modern technical design. The devices are compact and low in weight which makes them ideal for installation in wind turbines.

The company uses only the best materials and invests heavily in continuous research so as to offer its valued customers new and better gearboxes that are guaranteed to play a significant role in tapping green wind energy across the world.

Bonfiglioli 300 Planetary Drive Gearboxes

The extremely powerful yet unbelievably compact planetary gearboxes from the 300 series are ideal for all types of heavy duty applications where impact and shock loading in more than usual. All the models flaunt several options for mounting, output shaft, gear layout and motor interface which make them extremely versatile.

And the best thing is that all features are available for each of the eighteen delicately spaced frame sizes that span over 1,000 – 1,400,000 Nm torque range. This ensures that the customer is really spoilt for choice as far as minding a perfect solution for any drive issue.

Bonfiglioli 700 TW Yaw Drive and Pitch Drive Gearboxes

The 700TW range of gearboxes have a high torque range between 2500 and 300000 Nm and gear ration between 60 and 3000. The devices can be flange mounted and heavy duty bearings support the output shafts. These gearboxes too are extremely compact and light-weight that belie their amazing robustness and versatility. They are designed for high shock resistance so that the machines in which they are used can perform efficiently even under heavy load. And the best thing is that buying a Bonfiglioli gearbox will not make you go bankrupt as they are quite reasonably priced.

Bonfiglioli HDP Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel shaft gearboxes from Bonfiglioli are the latest benchmark in the parallel shaft sector. Such gearboxes have a consistently high torque rating, several mounting options, compact dimensions and gear ratios in quick progression. Nodular cast iron housing ensures robustness and durability which makes a Bonfiglioli gearbox dependable for life. The torque range is between 4650 and 194000 Nm whereas the gear ratio is between 7:1 and 500:1.

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